Latest Trends in Online Gambling

Brief History of Online gambling

Online gambling emerged during the mid 90’s, with the popularization of the internet. Though at first, it wasn’t that popular and not many gamblers played in online casinos, these online gambling houses quickly managed to catch on, and have been growing in popularity ever since. The appeal online casinos draw is in their convenience, flexibility and fast-changing trends. Trends change much quicker in online casinos than in classic land-based ones. In this article, we will go over some of the latest and most popular trends that are currently capturing the online gambling market.

Mobile platforms are slowly taking over

There are more and more gambling mobile apps that allow you to gamble for real money popping up each day. Recent studies have found that an average mobile user spends at least 30 hours per week on their smartphone, either for business or entertainment. With this being the case, it is becoming clear that mobile platforms are slowly being the new go-to option. Casino games developers have also realized this and are concentrating more and more on creating mobile optimized games. Moreover, in 2017 and 2018, there has been a huge spike in popularity for mobile exclusive casino slot games.

Possible changes in legal regulations

Law and taxation have always been a sore spot for online casinos. Many countries have strict laws and very high taxes that essentially prevent any substantial progress for online gambling houses.

In most European countries the laws are relatively friendly towards gamblers and gambling establishments, but in countries like the US online gambling is still frowned upon. In recent years an initiative has been started for a new gambling legislation in the US, and 2018 could be the turning point for online casinos in the US.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has always been a utopian dream for many players. With new and well-polished virtual platforms coming out in the last few years, it looks like this dream is well on its way to becoming a reality.

This concept is still in its trial phase for online gambling and does not yet have a general function, but it’s easy to imagine the possibilities such a technology can unlock. It can create a completely new segment of online gambling and bring players an even more immersive gambling experience than ever before.


Online gambling is constantly evolving and changing, and these were just a few most important trends you should watch out for in the coming year. Besides this, large online markets are also bound to change, as online gambling is becoming more and more popular in countries like Brazil, Germany, Japan and India. Gambling experts are also speculating that online gambling in the US is about to grow significantly under the presidency of Donald Trump, whose advisors initiate a leaner gambling policy. It is certainly a good time to be an online gambler, and we can’t wait to see what new and fresh trends await us in the near future.

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